What’s inside? Oct/Nov 2021 Parishioner

A letter from the Vicarage  — (p3&4) By Revd Neil Lambert                 

What’s going on at Ash Manor?  – (p8&9) by Sue Wyeth-Price

Advice from Ash CAB—(p10)

*** QUIZ NIGHT 20th November **** full details (p11) book today!

Shopping Local  – (p14) By Jackie Scott

Seasonal Recipe: Oat cookies—(p15) by Jackie Scott

What’s on in October & November—(p16&17)

Autumn Bible Study—(p20&21) By Helen Lambert

Ash Vale Community Street Team—(p22&23) By Pat Scott

Autumn Word Search  – (p23)

News from Age UK Surrey—(p24)

An update on the ‘Save the Ranges’ campaign—(p25) by Tim Jones

Remembering Ada Young—(p26) By Nikki Glover

Autumn Challenge—(p27) by Steph Farry

Helping Others—(p28) Local Action for Refugees & shoebox appeal

Harvest Home 2021 —(p29) Scrivener’s seasonal reflections

Useful Numbers—(p30)

*** Love & Light Trail “”” 31 Oct 2021 full details inside back cover

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