Cast your Votes at the Co-op to support Food Projects at The Chapel!

By Alex Sanderson (Chapel Project Manager)

As most locals will already know, the Chapel Project on Wharf Rd is all about sharing Christ’s love through creativity, hospitality and worship. We welcome everyone, of all faiths and none. The Chapel is a joint initiative between the Hants Surrey Border Methodist Circuit, and St Marys Church in Ash Vale (more on our website here: and Facebook @ashvalechapel). Now you can help us do more in 2022, through the Co-op ‘Local Causes’ scheme!

Eat well, feel well:  At The Chapel we are passionate about helping local people enjoy good, healthy food, so we run a programme of food projects tackling food poverty, food waste, growing food and teaching healthy cooking. In 2021 this included Picnic & Play in the holidays, providing the local Food Parcels team with a base to work from, cooking for Chapel Lunch Club, some super cookery zooms with Revd Neil, and teaching #ChapelKids to grow their own food this summer. (Did you spot their pumpkins at the Light Party? Amazing!)

We are bringing people together to learn how to grow food, minimise waste, cook healthily and enjoy delicious meals. Food has a huge impact on health and wellbeing, and by going on this journey together at The Chapel, we are creating community and tackling isolation. Because we don’t put financial barriers in the way, everyone can join in, and we especially encourage those in need to use our services. All our community events are free / by donation.

Please help us to do more in 2022!  The more people vote for us on the  community fund website, the more funds we will receive for food projects in 2022.  Please help us to grow, cook and enjoy more food together. You’re all invited! It only costs £1 to become a member and you receive points for yourself as well as helping us every time you shop and swipe the card.

Follow this link to vote for The Chapel!

You can find out more about the Co-op fund here: @coopuk  on social media 

Thank you for your support!