St Nicholas Day Lantern Craft

By Steph Farry

Why not make your own ‘stained glass’ paper lantern, to help bring a cosy atmosphere to a winter’s night?  You can even bring it with you on the St Nicholas Lantern Walk on the 6th December, to help light the way!

You will need:

* Card sheet (or a small card box if you have one)

* Scissors & Glue

* Tracing paper

* Ribbon

* Coloured pencils, tissue paper or felt tips

* Electric/LED tea light / balloon light (Don’t use real flames! Make sure they can’t get hot. We will have spare LED tealights at the lantern walk if you need one.)

How to make your Lantern:

Take your card sheet, and cut to the pattern shown in the picture.  Don’t forget to cut out your windows! Cut four tracing paper inserts slightly larger than these windows; these will be your window ‘panes’.  It’s a good idea to trace around the window frames onto the panes, to show you how big they are, then get to work decorating your ‘stained glass’!  You can draw pictures with crayons or felt tips, or cut shapes out of coloured tissue paper and glue them on.  For some inspiration, why not feature scenes or symbols from the story of St Nicholas? Carefully tape your window ‘panes’ inside the frames, then fold up the four sides and base of your lantern and glue or tape in place.  You can add a ribbon as a handle, or use a strip of card. Then pop your electric tea light inside, and admire the effect!

If you have a card box, you can start by cutting windows in the four sides, then make your stained glass windows to fit.  Or for an even easier version, you can use glass jars (like Mason jars) and stick scraps or patterns of tissue paper to the outside with plenty of clear-drying glue.  Then pop an electric tea light inside, and carry your jar with you!

See you on St Nicholas day!

The St Nicholas day Lantern Walk is from The Chapel on Wharf Rd to St Mary’s Church on Vale Rd, where you can meet Saint Nicholas, enjoy the bonfire and sample Rev Neil’s amazing pizza!  Start times are between 4pm and 6pm on Monday 6th December. Text to book your set-off time on 07730 609446.