Seasonal Recipe —Wild Garlic Pesto

By Vicki Fox

The perfect seasonal  recipe, and you can even forage for the ingredients!

You will need:

300g wild garlic leaves (as fresh as possible)

100g hard cheese (a nice English cheddar to keep it local, or some Parmesan), finely grated

One lemon , zested and juiced

80g English Hazelnuts (or pine nuts )

300ml cold pressed rapeseed oil


Dry fry the hazelnuts (or pine nuts) to remove the skins.

Once the nuts are toasted, add all the ingredients to a blender and blitz to a paste, adding more rapeseed oil if required until you have a thick but smooth consistency. 

If you are a garlic fanatic, feel free to add a couple of cloves to boost the garlic flavour. Gorgeous drizzled over crusty bread; with some new potatoes or tossed with some hot pasta.  

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