Eco-Church: New things to try in 2021

One of our Eco-Champions, Keri Barber shares some ideas:

Every day, we have the opportunity to either worsen or improve our personal impact on the planet. In 2021 I’m challenging myself to try new things to chip away at my eco-footprint, and tread more lightly on the earth. What will you do for the planet in 2021?

Starting with something simple—Eco cleaning at home:

· Unsponges – material one side, repurpose sponge in the middle, hessian or towelling on the other side- sewn together. You can buy these or even make your own!

· Unkitchen towel – fabric one side and repurposed towel or flannel on the other- sewn together. Again you can buy these or make your own with recycled material.

· Home made laundry liquid – grate a bar of laundry soap then add a box of washing soda crystals and mix. 

· Home made toilet bombs – 4 parts baking soda, 1 part citric acid, 1tbsp washing up liquid.

· Wax food wraps – cotton fabric cut to size then sprinkled with grated bees’ or soya wax and heated in the oven.

· Grow your own luffas then dry, strip off outer skin and use for cleaning.

· Home made dishwasher powder – 4 parts washing soda to 1 part citric acid and 1 part salt. White vinegar is a perfect rinse aid substitute.

· Home made cleaner– equal parts white vinegar & water with a few drops of essential oil

The bigger picture—tackling your Environmental footprint:

How big is your Environmental footprint? Remember you an work this out using online tools such as for example the free WWF tool here: 

Plant some trees: If you can plant some at home or in the UK that’s great, if not, how about sponsoring the tree nurseries in Uganda that William & team have set up in the South Rwenzori Diocese? The Amaha We Uganda (Hope for Uganda) link is here: (Other charities available, this is the one St Mary’s supports)

Look at new ways to live gently on the earth, for example Green Christian has this leaflet: 

Go big or go home: Looking for something more ambitious to get excited about? Have a read about this football club who have gone vegan and seen some wonderful benefits. Will you make changes to your diet for 2021?

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