Christmas Trees are for life in Uganda!

News from the Amaha We Uganda Team

If you’re a regular reader of The Parishioner, or a regular visitor to St Mary’s, you will have heard about the charity Amaha We Uganda, and their vision to sew seeds of hope among communities in Uganda.  You can find out more about all their projects at,. 

One thing Amaha We Uganda really care about is trees. 

We all know how important trees are in the global fight against climate change.  They absorb carbon and lock it away, reduce flooding and help prevent soil erosion.  Deforestation is a huge problem in many places, and carefully managed projects to reforest those areas where the tree numbers have declined are helping to restore the balance—in Uganda, Bishop Nasen Baluku has a vision of establishing a tree nursery in every archdeaconry!

Thanks to the Amaha We Uganda ‘Tree Nurseries’ project, working in partnership with churches in Uganda, 100,000 trees have now been planted!  This is an amazing achievement—but there is still further to go, and you can help.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for the Eco Warrior or Tree Enthusiast in your life, or you would like to ‘twin’ your own Christmas Tree with a tree in Uganda, why not sponsor a tree and help Amaha We Uganda and Bishop Nasen achieve their vision?  Just make a donation on the charity’s website and email for your gift certificate; it’s the ideal option for anyone who would rather their presents came with less packaging and more social impact!