Try something new this winter!

By Steph Farry

Looking for some new things to try this December, that aren’t the usual paper chains and ice skating?  Embrace the frosty weather and the long evenings, and light up your winter from the inside out with these ideas.

Apparently, people in the UK have been reading much more since the beginning of the pandemic, and between escapism and boredom it’s not hard to think of reasons why.  If you’re not one of those who has yet started—or returned to—reading, the return of winter could be the perfect time.

Forest bathing has become hugely popular for its mental and physical benefits, and while you might think it’s something you can only do in summer, in fact exposure to trees and nature in the winter has also been found to have restorative psychological effects.  Just make sure you wrap up warm!

We all have causes we care about, but day-to-day life can get in the way of taking action to help.  Volunteering your time, even if only a couple of hours, reading up on issues in the news, writing to your MP or supporting campaigns on issues you care about would be a great way to see out 2021 with an accomplishment you can feel proud of.

If you’re not getting a sense of joy from your home interiors, why not unleash your inner designer and try a totally free revamp just by changing the way you use what you already own?  Rearranging things can help you appreciate them more, and if you don’t like it you can always put them back! You could even challenge a friend and each rearrange a room in the other’s home.

Remember, Zoom quizzes are not just for lockdown.  We may have had enough of them last year, but if you feel some of the novelty may be coming back, it could still be a fun excuse to get people together—without the need to actually go out in the cold.

Finally, while you might not be able—or keen—to travel very far at the moment, it can be great fun to immerse yourself in a new place.  Pick a location in the world—it could be at random—and learn as much as you can about it; explore the history, culture, language, and even plan a pretend holiday; try making some local dishes or listening to traditional music.  You might discover a passion you never expected, or come up with some great ideas for a real holiday in the future.

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