Back Cover – What’s Inside June/July2021

Local Churches Special Edition!

Welcome — Local Churches Special Edition! (p3) – By Revd Neil Lambert (St Mary’s)

Greetings from St Peter’s, Ash (p4) – By Revd Keith Bristow & Revd Carol Monk

Welcome to St Paul’s Tongham (p5) – By Revd Claire Holt

You are Invited to Holy Angels (p8) – By Gloria Benson

Mothers Union News (p9) – By Barbara Ridley

Eco news—There’s no Planet B (p10 & 11) –  Ash, Ash Vale & Tongham updates

Family Friendly Fun (p14 & 15) – Lots of things to come and enjoy!

What’s on this Summer? (p16 & 17) – Pull this centrefold out and pop it on the fridge!

Pentecost Bible Study (p20&21) – By Helen Lambert

International Mission, Global Action (22&23) — Helping our brothers and sisters overseas

Loving our Neighbours (p24&25) – Local projects supporting  our community

Chapel News—Art, Music, Poetry and Film (26 & 27) – By our resident artists and friends

News from Abbeywood (28) – By Sylwia Whyman

Modern Life (p29) – Scrivener reflects on past, present and future

Help is at hand! (p30) – Useful Numbers

Don’t miss this!

St Mary’s Summer Fair 10th July 12-3pm

(see inside back cover)

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