Ash Ranges Update

Peter Corns shares the latest news:

For those of you who have not as yet visited the newly opened ‘corridor’, I would encourage you to do so during the open period this weekend.
Although this corridor, together with the other access areas, does not reflect the loss of amenities we have suffered since April 2020 it does show what can be achieved through active protest and pressure by all of YOU.
Make no mistake – without your commitment we would have gained nothing and all access would have been lost!
We must ensure that we continue to keep the DIO ‘honest’ and press for the missing gate at the bottom of range 1 access road to be installed sooner rather than later.
To help with orientation for those who have yet to use the corridor I would offer the following;
If you stay near the left hand fence (separates ETR from corridor) you will eventually come out on the forbidden area perimeter fence near the disused troop range shelter and toilets and Red brick wall. If you turn left you will eventually arrive at the main exterior RDA plateau where you can go left to Furze Hill flag or right towards Normandy area. This is about 2km from the Swan. If you turn right after emerging through gate you will eventually come to a gate which follows the corridor right hand fence. This is about 1.2km from the Swan.
Please use this area – thanks to everyone who has (and will continue) to fight against the DIO oppression!




Ash Ranges Update

Have you heard the latest?

If you have been reading the online version of The Parishioner magazine during the covid crisis, you may remember this Parishioner cover some months ago. A lot has happened since we last printed a Parishioner and popped it through all your doors! Here’s an update for anyone who missed it. Tim Jones is our contact within the “Save our Spaces” team and shares the latest news with us: 

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Ash Ranges: An open letter to Jeremy Quinn MP

By Simon Brown, Chair, Trail Action Group

Dear Jeremy,

Before delving into what will be a challenging topic I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your staff a very Happy New Year.

Trail Action Group was set up around 10 years ago with the aim of retaining access to the military training lands for cycling. On talking over the Chairman’s role I wanted to build on the previous negotiations with DIO. My goal was to enable and encourage responsible mountain biking on the lands defined by the Aldershot and District Military Lands Byelaws and to correct the anomaly restricting cycling that was added in the 1976 byelaw review.

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