Poetry Competition – Mirror Mind

Reflections on memories in poetry

The Chapel Poetry Group invites you to get creative and submit poems reflecting on your memories. All the winning poems will be published in our 2021 poetry collection “Mirror Mind”, and celebrated at a launch event either in person or online, as covid regulations permit.

First Prize for our overall winner is a £30 book voucher, and all winners whose poems are published will receive an author’s copy of the collection with your poem in it. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate local poets and explore treasured memories.

Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you are an established poet or a beginner, young or old. The important thing is, you must write about your own memories and experiences. Here’s how to enter:

Submit your poems by email to: ashvalechapel@gmail.com 

Subject line: Mirror Mind Poetry

Deadline: Friday 30th April 2021

Format: Please attach your poem to your email as a word document or PDF, all entries will be anonymised by our administrator before being sent for judging.

Make sure you include your name, address and phone number in your covering email.

Maximum 3 poems per poet, maximum length 40 lines per poem (no minimum length)

£2 suggested donation per poem to enter. https://givealittle.co/campaigns/feafddb7-d1b7-4686-810d-a66d0d0914c6

Would you like to pre-order a copy of “Mirror Mind”? Text Alex: 07730 609446

All donations & proceeds from the sale of “Mirror Mind” will go towards the running of The Chapel Project, further details here: www.ashvalechapel.com

Poetry Corner

Memory Marks

Laughter dances with pollen,

Creaks’ crescendos unheard.

Feathers fly.

Stored energy surges.

All that is home watches.

Then Silence.

Popping, a paper bag inflates,

Mother of pillow fights done.

My son’s Asthma abates.

The tree deteriorates.

Cotton white daisies delight.

Then silence.

Ripping bares my chubby legs.

Roots display their hidden mane.

My dress was darned.

The rented house intact.

Seat belts clicked.

Then silence.

Spinning wildly in the sun.

Driving home on scorching seats.

I outgrew my party dress.

My Mum sold her old Cortina.

New Jeans made climbing easy.

Then silence.

Racing up to the seagulls.

Dad’s last jumper warmed.

The Helter-Skelter, candy striped.

Harlequin’s knit, ruby bright.

Coconut mats dirty, scratchy.

Then silence.

Pushing off first-time fear.

Racing to Grandma’s Terrace.

Exhilaration confidence builds.

Her cobble lane history rubs.

Swatches of memory unseen move.

Then life.

By PCD Roberts

Thought for Today

Do you mean what you say when you praise my name?

Is it only fine words, is it all just a game?

When you say all your thanks —does it come from the heart?

Do you really mean it, or maybe just one part?

Think on these things—that My love for you

Is all embracing, is completely true.

I love to hear you singing—a love song to my ears

That also helps to lift you through the oncoming years.

Are the words that you sing for my ears alone?

Do you mean what you say, whatever the tone?

A song from your heart is what gladdens my own

What raises us all up—a place near my throne.

Join in with the crowd, you’re all friends of mine.

Come join with the angels— O chorus sublime.


Enjoy these wonderful poems with a cuppa, and why not send us your own? The copy deadline for our June/July edition is 7th May 2021 parishioner@ash-vale.org.uk