News from Abbeywood

By Sylwia Whyman

Hello from Abbeywood!

Everyone  has been very busy over the last couple of months. We welcomed three new residents to our home who have settled well with us.

We have also been making our home very animal friendly.  The number of four legged and beaked friends has increased considerably over the last few months.  We have added Malcom, Alex, Peter and Benji the rabbits.  We have two guineapigs ( Roger and Ralf), three fish and nine budgies ( Hammond, Clarkson, May, Stick, Bina G, Bina R,  Ashley, Gladys, Shai with two eggs, so may be 11 at time of going to press).  This adds to the existing household of four terrapins, (Raphael , Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo), two cats (Laurel and Hardy) and three dogs that visit on a regular basis (Chica, Frankie and Marley).  The residents love cuddling the bunnies, and visiting the aviary.

The residents have been working hard planting flowers for our garden.  We are starting work on our trial veggie patch, and hope to have some amazing, possibly ugly pumpkins ready for October.   Who doesn’t love a big ugly pumpkin?

The staff are starting work on our much awaited Christmas performance of Cinderella.  Songs are being decided, the cast is being selected/volunteered from a very high set of acting capabilities. We look forward to welcoming everyone from the community, tickets and dates will be available soon.

Fund raising has really been non-existent, this year.  We do have a gofundme page(  All proceeds go towards to funding residents’ trips and outings, something they have really missed over the last year.

We are still quite restricted in what we can do and who can visit.  Please do put in a big wave if you are passing by, it really puts a smile on all our faces when the residents see a friendly stranger making contact in these difficult times.

Thank you for reading and best wishes

All residents and staff from


News from Abbeywood Care Home

By Carol Weaver

Hi Everyone, let me introduce you to your local care home, Abbeywood, on Wharf Road. We specialise in caring for the elderly and those with dementia. We have brilliant residents, who haven’t been outside since last March. It has been a very tough year for us all.

We want to start planning exciting things for our residents after lockdown. Our Moto is ‘#never too old’, so we have decided to start early and plan a Panto for late November, date to be confirmed.

We would like to open this up to the public as well, but being a care home we have to fund this all ourselves… that’s where we hope you guys will be able to help. Our Panto is Cinderella, and we have some costumes, but may need to ask for help with some props and scenery. As a team we will need lots of willing Abbeywood volunteers to fill the characters too!

As you pass our windows, especially during the holidays on the Easter Trail, please do keep waving to our residents, they really love it. They may not all wave back, but they talk about it as you go by.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we wish you all a Happy Easter.

If you’d like to get involved and support the Abbeywood Panto in November please phone us on 01483 404931 and ask for Shai, Sylwia or Carol. Thank you for your support!