Shielding? Get your Medicines delivered!

When we went into lockdown, back in March, many people struggled to get their prescriptions.  Suddenly the process of calling a GP to get a prescription, collecting  it to take it to the chemist and picking up the medication became a huge task and one many people could no longer do. 

There is a really excellent alternative, and one that I discovered months ago when I started working full time.  I had to do all this at the weekend and it seemed that everyone was at the Chemist.  So I signed up with Echo, a prescription app, and I regained hours of my life. Let me tell you how it works. 

Go to and download the app from your smartphone app store; it will guide you through entering your GP contact information, your medications including name, dose and when it is next due.  Takes a little time to set up but it is worth it.  Then, when you next need your medication you will get a reminder through the app and you click to request whatever you need.  Echo will contact your GP, they will send a prescription and Echo will send your medication, first class through the Royal Mail.  It really is as simple as that.  No more waiting on the phone to request your prescription, no more standing in the queue at the Chemist to drop off and collect.  

There are other versions of this:

Pharmacy 2 U—

Well  Online Pharmacy

Superdrug online  :

Boots online :

Please remember that many chemists will deliver to you at home.   When we first went into lockdown it all went a bit crazy, but things are more organised now.  Talk to your chemist soon, in order to be well prepared for the future.

Remember that your GP will see you so do not suffer without seeking help for medical problems.   Finally,  things are changing all the time so please check the website for all up to date COVID-19 info. 

By Amanda Gunness