Poets Corner

Pop the kettle on and enjoy!

We love to receive your letters, riddles, poems and funnies. We love this poem sent in by one of our lovely readers. Could this be a perfect start to an eco Christmas, or perhaps even the inspiration for a New Year’s resolution?


I’m trying to declutter, but oh what a lot

Of things I’ve collected all these years, in this plot.

We down sized and got rid of a lot of our stuff

But from what I see now, it was nowhere enough.

I’ve drawings from when the children were small,

Oh why, oh why did I have to keep all

of them, when I love to see how they’ve changed

so much for the better.  I’ve now rearranged

them into “must keep”, maybe “throw away”.

Its something I’ll look at some time, someday.

I’ve toys, games and puzzles galore in the attic.

I don’t go there often, so don’t have to attack it.

And so many photos I could start a shop.

I’m still adding more, so really can’t stop.

But, I love to look over these wonderful things.

And really enjoy the memories it brings.

When I easily recall, now I’m older and wiser.

Just why I kept these gifts.  I’m no miser.

So I’ll share them all, with whoever I can

And put them all back – its where I began.