Poetry for an emerging World

With love from the Chapel Poetry Group


Lockdown Eve came early

As Mothers’ of Brides, Workers and Cruisers,

Laden with crumpled excitements

Emptied their hearts and fears in exchange for money

That was returned by troubled staff

Who, anxiety-masked, had cleaned and cleaned

Only to lovingly restore Fabrics’ perfect dreams

In steaming uncertainty,

As Footfall’s by-election put summer on hold.

Then, Unlock Day varied

As Managers of stores, sales teams and drivers,

Loaded with hopeful enthusiasm

Quizzed their minds and eyes in search of safety

As redefined by Covid’s risk

And, chatter-filled, box opened and opened

Unfurling garments as wings for the lives waiting

In patient compliance,

As fatigue’s heroes let Autumn unfold.

by PCD Roberts