Pets Corner – Choosing the right food

By Rudolf Hoppichler, pet nutritionist

Cats & Dogs Corner – Welcome to this new series of blogs for the Parishioner, where I will describe the key components of healthy nutrition for your cat & dog and how to look after your furry friends.                                                                                                                                                          

How to choose the right Dog Food (Part 1)

When it comes to buying dog food there is a wide variety of choices and this is intended to be a guide what to look for to give your dog healthy and balanced nutrition.

The main components of any canine diet is to provide energy for all daily activities, and to maintain the body’s muscles, bones and tissues as well as minerals, enzymes and components which support proper functioning of the dog’s body.

As a rule you should only buy food which has no artificial components like artificial preservatives and colorants.

The main components are:

→ protein

→ fat

→ carbohydrates

→ Minerals

→ Vitamins

→ Carbohydrates and digestive starch.

It is very important to check the quality and origin of all these components and it is also very important how they are processed as some processing methods can change the quality of these components.

Other points of consideration for your dogs are:

→ size

→ age

→ allergies

→ weight problems

→ other specific conditions (skin problems, digestion etc)

In some cases it can get quite tricky to determine what is best for your dog. As a matter of fact many health issues for dogs are related to their lifestyle and nutrition.

In the next Parishioner Pets Corner we will go a bit more into detail of each component for your dog’s needs and what to consider when choosing the right food.

A healthy dog is a healthy friend!


Rudolf Hoppichler – pet nutritionist for Husse.

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