News From Uganda – Videos – July 2023

The incredible thing about modern technology is that we can now receive videos from the team, via WhatsApp, directly from where they are in Uganda. Here are a few of the amazing videos that we have received from Neil, Helen, Sarah, Judith, Tina and William this week.

Amaha We Uganda Head Office – have a look around!

Next the team prepared the packs and went to meet the Womens Groups Leaders for a conference. Here are the video updates from the event… see below.

And after the Women’s conference – dancing and worship on prayer mountain!

After a very full week the team spend a little time enjoying the local wildlife at the Queen Elizabeth park:

Up in the hills – A wonderful time of fellowship with the Archdeacons at their conference. Visiting the villages to see old friends… Having a look at the trees already planted and the difference they make. Taking time to understand the context in which more new trees may be able to be planted…. and the challenges that everyone is facing.

Fellowship at AWU HQ: The team had a wonderful time of fellowship with the Street Boys in Kasese. Please keep them all in your prayers. There are some very inspiring young men among them who now have their own businesses and are paying school fees for their own children.

Respect to these chefs who made lunch for 1000 people!

This is what the roads are like in places… please keep the team in your prayers for safe travel.