Meet the Candidates:

About Carla Morson, a candidate for the Surrey County Council elections on Thursday 6th May 2021

Ash Vale has been my home for many years. I had a varied career in public service and since taking redundancy have spent my time undertaking voluntary work with Citizens Advice and latterly our Covid Support Group.

Last March I set up the Ash, Ash Vale & Ash Green Coronavirus Support Group. We’ve all pulled together and have a much more joined up community now. A supportive community spirit is absolutely paramount and with that in mind, I’ve become concerned that we aren’t getting the support we deserve from our local councillors. Our current councillors have remained remarkably silent throughout the last year.

Our area has been dominated by Conservatives for over 20 years and it’s time for change. We need new ideas and views as our community has grown in size and diversity: we have to ensure no one is left behind.

There’s much I want to achieve as additional building in our villages didn’t come with supporting infrastructure, so we are now left with more traffic on the roads (many of which are in poor condition), insufficient school places and overwhelmed GP services. This must be rectified. I also want access to the most accessible parts of Ash Ranges open again for ALL to enjoy, step free access at Ash Vale Station and even more commitment to stopping climate change through things such as increased active travel and improved/cheaper public transport.

Conservative controlled Surrey County Council want a single Unitary Authority and to scrap our local council, taking decision making even further away from us. This would only make things worse. All of this on top of proposals to cut £1m Special Educational Needs (SEN) funding, a failing adult social care system and severe reductions in our fire service capacity. This comes at the same time as an announcement to borrow £100m to fund local projects over the next five years. I’m all for the funding of local projects but where is the money going to come from to repay the loan and interest? Further cuts to essential services?

I will be standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Ash in the County Council elections in May. Whether you believe in politics or not, it’s part of all of our lives and we can’t escape it. I’ve no wish to be a politician, what I do want though is to be a champion for our villages and make sure we get, not just what we want but also what we need and deserve. I hope you will offer me your support and join me on this journey.