Food Parcels Team Update

By Carla Morson, Ash, Ash Vale & Ash Green Coronavirus Support Group

I’m going to start by thanking all of our volunteers, whether they are part of the Food Parcels Team or not, as all have done so much to help our community over the past 10 months. Without everyone we would have been lost and unable to do much of what we have.

This time around I’d particularly like to focus on the work of our Food Parcels Team which is led by Alex Sanderson who is doing a fantastic job. We have a core team of around 20 volunteers helping out whenever/wherever they can, supermarket donation collections, packing and delivering to up to 30 families a week, although the norm is around 24 families. We were, until just before Christmas delivering twice a week however we have now, in view of the new variant of Covid-19, split our volunteers into 2 ‘crews’ (their words) so that we can continue to operate should any of us contract coronavirus and one of the crews need to isolate.

To someone not aware of what’s going on, when the ‘crews’ get moving it looks a bit chaotic as all are masked and keeping their distance, I have to say I’m full of admiration at the speed at which everyone works and the strange ‘dance’ that seems to happen as everybody avoids each other’s space. It’s definitely a sight to behold and done with such skill!

Getting ready to deliver the Christmas parcels was even more amazing, as thanks to the incredible generosity of our community there was so much food and so many gifts for the children, all of which were wrapped and delivered to parents out of sight of the children so that we didn’t take away from the magic of Father Christmas. We were also able to give gifts to the adults. Although much hard work involving many hours, was done by our volunteers, it is to the credit of our community as a whole that we were able to ensure that 29 families had a much, much better Christmas than they expected.

None of the above would have been achieved were it not for the help and generosity of those making donations, so in addition to thanking those who work tirelessly to get the food to where it is needed I’d also like to thank every single shop, business and person who has contributed on either a regular or ad hoc basis. You know who you are and from the bottom of hearts we thank you.


The Food Parcels Project is a joint project with The Ash, Ash Vale & Ash Green Coronavirus Support Group & St Mary’s Church. Store cupboard food items and toiletries are much appreciated, and can be left at St Mary’s when it’s open, and during lockdown please text us to arrange a drop off. 07730609446. If you would like to donate to help us please you can donate to St Mary’s, donate funds online here: 

Thank you for your Support.

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