Community Spirit

Lately I’ve been trying to work out what ‘community’ actually means to me. I’ve obviously had my own views, just as others have theirs, but what I think relates best to the Ash, Ash Vale and Ash Green Coronavirus Support Group and is two-fold. Firstly, we have INTEREST, being a group of people who share the same interest and passion. Secondly we have ACTION, where we have a group of people trying to bring about change.

Both of the above have resulted in the people living in our villages pulling together to help others because of the awful situation we find ourselves living through; and what a caring community we have become! There have always been those willing and wanting to help others but not necessarily knowing how to go about this but now, by supporting people through this pandemic, we’ve found a way. As you already know we are happy to help anyone in a variety of ways and this has included doing shopping, collecting prescriptions, keeping in touch, etc.

One of the ways of helping which has proved to be a real lifeline to some of our neighbours has been by providing food parcels. These aren’t designed to be the only food people get, they are more aimed at providing that bit extra to make life that little bit easier for those on lower incomes or to help them through short term financial difficulties.

The food we have for these food parcels comes largely from donations from local supermarkets, such as the Coop shops in Ash Vale and Ash, Tesco Express, Tesco in Aldershot and Asda in Farnborough. On top of this we receive donations from individuals who not only give us food but also make things such as cakes, jam and pasta sauce. Our food parcel team, which consists of around 15 people, are amazing in what they are doing, ensuring nobody has to go without enough to eat.

The work of all of our volunteers shouldn’t be understated. They have supported, and continue to support, our community in every way possible. Throughout the last six months they have managed to keep our community as safe as possible and their dedication is incredible. Coronavirus is on the rise again, but remember we are still here and going nowhere. If you need some help or just want to talk please do get in touch. My number is 07843 489796 and I can contact your local Co-Ordinator who will be able to help.


By Carla Morson (Leader of the Ash, Ash Vale & Ash Green Coronavirus Support Group)