Chapel Apple Trees

Did you know? We have a wonderful horticulturalist at The Chapel, and she has inspired us to add some fruit trees to grow food for our community in future years. 

Here are 2 apple trees she planted on Monday. Imagine the toddler group picking their own fruit snack, and the food parcels team sharing out the harvest! Please pray for good roots, strong growth and lots of tasty apples! (And if anyone can spare a bag of manure to boost this community project we would love to receive it!)

We have been busy planting edibles elsewhere in the garden too. #PicnicAndPlay planted nasturtiums – lovely in salad! #Chapelkids have been busy, planting something every week all through the summer term. This week we will be harvesting Sunflower seeds for next year. #ChapelCafe planted herbs like mint, rosemary and thyme. Volunteers have planted fruit bushes too. 

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Co-op Community Fund who have been instrumental in supporting the community garden and all the food projects at The Chapel. #ItsWhatWeDo

What do you think we should plant next? Drop us a line in the comments and we will pass on your suggestions to our Project Manager (Facebook: @AshValeChapel)