MCR Pathways – Mentoring for Young People in Surrey

by Keira Jennings

MCR Pathways was established in 2007 to support young people—including those who are care-experienced or who have been recommended by their school as being able to benefit from the programme—to help them realise their full potential through education. This is enacted through our school-based mentoring programme – matching young people with a fully trained volunteer mentor.

The award-winning MCR Pathways programme is in over 130 schools across Scotland and the South East of England. Our programme’s growth and impact serve as testament to the dedication and commitment of both our volunteer mentors and the organisation as a whole. As we continue to expand our reach and deepen our impact, MCR Pathways remains unwavering in its mission to empower and support young people on their journey to fulfilling their potential.

Mentors meet with their young person for one hour in school each week to provide a regular opportunity for the young person to focus on their future, talk through any concerns, or just share thoughts and experiences. A mentor is simply an added source of support; someone there to listen, encourage, and help young people get the best out of school, increase their confidence, boost their qualifications, gain meaningful experiences, and increase their career options after school.

Our volunteer mentors come from every walk of life, background and profession. As every young person is unique, we welcome a diverse range of people to meet this growing need for mentors. No prior experience is needed, just the ability to listen and consistently be there. All it takes is an hour each week to change a young person’s future.

Join us at MCR Pathways to make a lasting connection and inspire a brighter future for young people in your community. We are looking for mentors in Surrey and are active in: Ash Manor School, Thomas Knyvett College, Christ’s College, Sunbury Manor School, Carrington School, The Beacon School and Hinchley Wood School. Further information on the MCR Pathways programme and how to become a mentor is available at