Big journeys begin with small steps

We all have goals and dreams. When we were younger we dreamed of being a football player, or going into space for example and we believed this could happen- what was going to stop us? The only limit was our imagination.

What happens as we get older? Those dreams can begin to fade away like a candle burning out. We start to feel as though they’re not important, not relevant to where we are now.However, that flame is still there inside you, still flickeringsoftly in the background.

Have you ever said any of the following to yourself;

‘I don’t have the time’

‘I’m too old now’ 

‘I wouldn’t know where to start’

The question I want you to think about is;

‘What was your dream?’

‘Did you achieve it?

‘How do you feel about what you have achieved?

It’s not too late to turn that dream into reality, you just need to take small steps.

When we have big goals for ourselves, what often happens is we don’t start because they feel so vast and this can overwhelm us. You feel like you are at the base of the mountain just looking up, what you need to do is to turn the mountain into a set of stairs and just make the first step.

This is what I love about coaching people- being able to turn that mountain into a manageable staircase which inspires the individual to take the first step and onto a path towards their goal.

Action: Think about the five most important things in your life. These may be your family, your parents, your career, your hobbies, your long-term goals etc.

Now score these five things 1-10 on how happy you are with the amount of time you spend on them (1= not happy; 10 = very happy)

Next think about what you would like the ratings to be. Score your five important things 1-10 according to what you wish the time spent on them was (1= much less time than currently; 10= much more time than currently.’)

This exercise should give you an indication of where you are spending most of your time is it in the areas you want?

If you have done the exercise above or would like to dive a bit deeper and this article resonates with you then feel free to contact me below.

I work with men who feel they want to enhance their mindset, but are not sure how to go about it, to give them the sense of achievement and fulfilment in their life. Ensuring they are equipped with the tools to build a clear picture of what they want things to look like and helping them achieve this. 

My first session is always complimentary as I want people to experience the power of a coaching conversation, these can be online or in person as I live in Ash.

Keep dreaming

James Carpenter

James Carpenter Coaching