Kids Corner—things to do in the holidays

By Lucy Sanderson (age 9)

Here are some ideas for what people can do in the Summer holidays! I hope you enjoy them.

1) Go on a bug hunt—how many creatures can you find?

2) Go hiking, near here there are some lovely walks  on the ranges and along the canal.

3) Make your own ice lollies! I like to use orange juice or orange squash. If you don’t have lolly moulds you can use an old yoghurt pot and a teaspoon!

4) Bake a cake (tip for vegans, you can use a basic shop cake mix and a can of fizzy orange to make a yummy chocolate orange cake!)

5) Camp outside! Borrow a tent or pin a big sheet over the trampoline, add a duvet and you’re ready to sleep out. Don’t forget the midnight feast!

6) Rock paper splash! This is a variation on the game ‘rock paper scissors’ but the loser each round gets splashed with water.

7) Make your own spray paint for outdoor art. Mix (washable) paint and water in an old cleaning spray bottle (make sure you clean it out thoroughly first!) then spray on to a wall, or and old sheet to create your artwork (check with grownups for permission before you paint!)

8) Create your own beach! If you have a sandpit you can dig a hole and add a big bowl of water to dip your toes in. Ahhhhhhh lovely.

9) Junk Modelling—make your own toy! Recycle old clothes into teddy bears, or cereal packets into robots, anything goes!

10) Den building—in the summer heat, shade is the key to happiness! Get a sheet or blanket and pin, peg or drape it wherever there is space, and create your own den. How about making a big one if you have brothers and sisters?

Have great fun with this list.


I love ice cream! How many can you fins in this magazine?