Seasonal Favourites: Grow your own Pea shoots!

By Victoria Fox

Marrowfat peas make excellent Mushy Peas, but they also make delicious salad greens and are really simple to grow!

What you need:

· A pot, a trough, a pot, anything that will hold soil will do!

· Compost/soil (enough to fill your pot) 

· Marrowfat Pea seeds. 

If you are recycling your plant pot then make sure it’s had a good scrub in soapy water as dirty pots can harbour bacteria and moulds. Fill your pot loosely with compost. Lay your peas on the surface around an inch apart and poke them around half an inch down into the soil. Cover slightly so the peas are under the surface and water well.

Until April they will do better inside, on a sunny windowsill, after that they will do best outside. Place your pot somewhere where mice can’t get to it. Mice love peas! 

When they are around 6 inches high, trim the top few inches to eat. They taste lovely on their own, but are great  in salad!