From my Nona, with love

By Val Hoppichler (nee Val Bianco-Martinez)

Dear Parishioner readers: This new column will bring you different recipes from all the Grandmothers, La Nona, Die Oma, La Abuela, La Grand-mère, in the world. In this first edition I share my Nona’s Panettone recipe. A beautiful Italian woman who emigrated to Argentina when she was young. I had the pleasure to enjoy every Sunday at her home, cooking or eating all kind of fresh pasta, sauces and sweets Italians pastries… all day long. In every Italian family you reunite every Sunday at lunch time and chat and eat until dinner with no less than 14 family members or closer friends. I grew up with this feeling of “belonging” that a family/friends gives you, where you are always welcome. And as all the Italian families sing in Argentina: Lo primero es la familia! Family comes first!

Merry Christmas!

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