Friday Night Isonation

The parishioner interviewed Stephen Worsfold, a local DJ who has been busy this year making Friday Nights a lot more fun for us all!

Q.          What is  Isonation?

It’s a bi-weekly live DJ set on a Friday evening from 7pm until 9pm

I love music, and started Isonation as a way of doing my bit while we were in lockdown, so people had something to look forward to on a Friday night.

Q.          Why the name Isonation?

I choose the name as it’s the two words “isolated nation”  – there are also other people using this name so I shorted it into ISONATION – something snappy !

Q.          How do I listen in?

You can either listen in live on a Friday night or you can visit this page to listen to the library of previous sets that are available online. You can also download the mixcloud app and create a free account then follow “isolation-live”.

Q.          What’s been your best experience in the last year running  Isonation?

I did a four and half hour set on New Years Eve 2020 that was my favourite evening.

Q.          How many users do you have listening in?

We have now gone international! We also get an average of 100 people listening in per week.

Q. What are your plans this Summer?

I have a big family, so we are taking a break for the Summer to enjoy time with the children, and will be back with our live sets in the Autumn term, 14th September. If you would like to listen to a sample of what we do, here is a link: Enjoy!