Ashes Good Neighbours launched!

It was a delight to attend the Ashes Good Neighbours launch event this week. The team deserve huge congratulations for getting this new project pff the ground, and have been tireless in thier efforts to recruit volunteers, and in setting set up the necessary frameworks such as safeguarding, documantation and procedures to ensure everything is built on firm foundations. The Ashes Good Neighbour Scheme has now launched, and the phone line will be live from Monday 23rd October 2023.

What’s it all about? Ashes Good Neighbours’s objective is to enable volunteers to help older and vulnerable people get out and about to their appointments. The scheme will be offering residents of Ash, Ash Vale, and Ash Green, transport to appointments such as doctors, hospital, and dentist; visit to the library or a club; help with shopping; or simply a friendly chat over a cup of tea.

Interested in volunteering? Volunteering is flexible to suit your lifestyle with no regular commitment required. All volunteers who will have face-to-face contact with clients have undertaken a DBS check. It is not too late to volunteer; the scheme will always be open to new people joining. If you would like to know more, please email or phone 07935 515221.

Little Lambs Library – you’re invited! 

News from our Tuesday Baby and Toddler group

Can you believe it? Another Half Term has passed and we are looking forward to being back at Little Lambs on Tuesday next week 10:00-11.30. There 7 more sessions and then it will be the summer holidays! If you haven’t been before, do pop in and join us. Whether you come for just 1 session or all 7, you are very welcome and we look forward to welcoming you. (St Mary’s, Vale Road, GU12 5JE)

What do we get up to at Little Lambs Library? 

We start at 10am with the toys out, craft at the table and books in our ‘reading nook’ tent. Everyone enjoys doing whatever takes their fancy. Usually Heather makes the drinks, Nikki catches up with the grownups and Alex is on hand to sign everyone in and help at the craft table. We have a different craft activity each week – paint, magic sand, playdough, cutting and sticking, colouring, collage

Then at about 10:45 we put up the bouncy castle. It’s a great way to let off steam! While the older ones have a bounce, the babies enjoy a bit of a quieter moment in the main hall.
And then…. Peter arrives with his guitar! We all help to tidy away the toys and gather on the carpet. Alex tells the story and then we enjoy some of singing and music making together, finishing with the Hokey Cokey. (And remember you can borrow books every week and bring them back next time!)

We would love to welcome you soon – see you at St Mary’s! 

Love from Alex, Nikki, Heather and Peter xxxx

Ps – It’s free / no fee so that everyone can join us, but we do ask for donations please if you can, so we can cover our running costs. Donations link: