Autumn Challenge

By Steph Farry

It can be so hard to say goodbye to the golden days of summer. Even if your day to day life doesn’t change much over July and August, there’s a sense of freedom and opportunity that can be missing from the other seasons.

If you’re looking for ways to find joy in the shortening days and misty mornings, why not try this autumn challenge? There are twenty activities to help celebrate the special pleasures of this time of year. You could even challenge a friend to complete them, and share pictures to show how you’re getting on! We do this each year, and it’s lovely to see our friends out on their adventures. Our rules are that you have to do the challenge in order, there’s no time limit on each activity, and you can switch activities as long as you keep to the ‘feel’ of the original (for instance, don’t drink cider? Try an apple juice, or pear cordial!).

1. Go outside, smell the air, and set an intention to enjoy the new season.

2. Pick up a conker, or a handful of acorns, and put them somewhere you’ll see often.

3. Bake something autumnal (eg pumpkin bread).

4. Drink some cider.

5. Watch a film or TV programme with an autumn ‘feel’ (eg Gilmore Girls, You Got Mail, Mona Lisa Smile, Casper).

6. Make a ‘happiness capsule’ with some treats or special memory items, to open if you need a boost of joy later in the season – or better still, make one for someone else!

7. Make an autumn craft (eg a leaf wreath, wooden wind chime, pinecone creatures), or put up some fairy lights.

8. Do a random act of kindness.

9. Plant some bulbs for spring.

10. Make and listen to an autumn themed playlist.

11. Mess about in some fallen leaves.

12. Practice loving kindness meditation.

13. Cuddle up with a cosy blanket and a book.

14. Clear out some old clothes to donate to charity.

15. Do a puzzle or crossword.

16. Find a really beautiful autumn tree.

17. Make or buy an autumn themed hot drink

18. Cook a stew.

19. Knit something (choose a small project!).

20. Drink hot chocolate under the stars.

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