APCM Report for 2023

Dear Parishioners, Electoral Roll members, and wider community, herewith the APCM Report for the year 2023. As already announced the Annual Meeting takes place at St Mary’s on Sunday 28th April 2024.

With our very best wishes from the PCC all at St Marys.

We look forward to welcoming you at the APCM.

Please note – You can read the copy below online, or download it to read on screen or print. If you would prefer a copy by email please contact the parish office parishoffice@ash-vale.org.uk If you cannot access the electronic version and need a printed copy please contact our Project Manager on 07730 609446 or pop in to the Community Cafe on Fridays 10:00-13:00 and ask for one to be printed for you. Please note that we do wish to encourage everyone who can use the electronic copy to use this version, as we are trying to minimise our climate impact. Thank you.