Ash Ranges Update

Have you heard the latest?

If you have been reading the online version of The Parishioner magazine during the covid crisis, you may remember this Parishioner cover some months ago. A lot has happened since we last printed a Parishioner and popped it through all your doors! Here’s an update for anyone who missed it. Tim Jones is our contact within the “Save our Spaces” team and shares the latest news with us: 

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Try something new this winter!

By Steph Farry

Looking for some new things to try this December, that aren’t the usual paper chains and ice skating?  Embrace the frosty weather and the long evenings, and light up your winter from the inside out with these ideas.

Apparently, people in the UK have been reading much more since the beginning of the pandemic, and between escapism and boredom it’s not hard to think of reasons why.  If you’re not one of those who has yet started—or returned to—reading, the return of winter could be the perfect time.

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Top tips for a Low Waste Christmas

From our local Zero Waste shop — Twin Larder

At Christmas, UK households produce 30% more waste with over 250,000 tonnes of plastic discarded and £42 million worth of unwanted presents that are thrown out and sent to landfill each year!  If you are worried about the state of our planet just like us, we have put together a few gift-giving ideas and tips for a more ethical, eco-friendly, low impact and sustainable Christmas. 

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Eco news from The Parishioner!

Eco News from The Parishioner!

In discussions with the St Mary’s PCC, who take Eco-Church principles very seriously, we have decided to strike a balance between ecological considerations and the need for paper copies of the magazine, now that we have approval to deliver through your doors once again. Our Christmas and Easter editions will now be a full print run, delivered all around Ash Vale. The other issues in between will be mainly online with limited printed copies available to collect from St Mary’s or pre-order on 07730 609446. The magazine is available online via St Mary’s website and social media as well as being sent out to all those on the email distribution list. With Christmas wishes  to all our readers

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I want to live forever

By Scrivener

For some reason, many people are obsessed with age, looking young, and having a long life.

Whilst most people are aware of the first part of a quotation from psalm 90 that states “The days of our years are threescore years and ten;” it then continues “and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off and we fly away.”.  Roughly this means that up to 70 years of age we are likely to be fit and able but after 70 it’s downhill all the way.

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