Chiks Children’s homes in Kerala, SW India

Chiks Children’s homes in Kerala, SW India:  The disaster Kerala has been devastating, due to the worst weather in 100 years. Chiks, the childrens’ homes charity, has three orphanages with about 200 children and has been supported by St Mary’s for some time.   Thank God, despite the terribly frightening experience, with buildings damaged, trees down and landslips damaging roads and bridges, none of the children was physically hurt. But the cost to this voluntary charity run by Robin Radley for over 20 years, is great.   Each Home is damaged and the farm devasted.   All livestock and crops are lost.

Please pray about our response: the need is for money asap to ensure food supplies at the very least.

  • Donations to a/c  Childrens Homes in Kerala State, at Barclays Bank plc, 22 The Borough, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7NH. Sort code 20 – 11 – 43  Account No. 93019950

You can read more on the Chiks website: