We used to print and deliver our parish magazine to every house in the parish. Covid-19 precautions mean we cannot do that at the moment, so we’ve moved it online.

If you or your neighbours and friends would like to be on our list to receive the mag by email please let us know. We can also send a paper copy if anyone has no internet just let us know.

A Letter from the Vicarage

By Revd. Neil Lambert

The British have a long relationship with the Nepali people.  Over 200 years ago, the British East India Company was at war with Nepal, fighting battles in the Himalayas that eventually led to a mutual respect.  Both sides decided they would be better as friends than enemies and subsequently Gurkha regiments began to be established within the army—we’ve been friends ever since.

And now—praise God—we are not just friends but neighbours!  


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